Scottville Clown Band Roster

Darren Acton

From: Clare, MI Plays: Drum
Darren Acton My name is Darren Acton. I’ve been a member of the Clown Band since 2008. Being from the Irish Community of Clare, Michigan and as my Bandmates love to remind me, “Being Short in Stature,” the Leprechaun costume seem to fit. Pun intended. Although dressed Irish, as a Graduate of Central Michigan University, I’ll always be Maroon and Gold. “FIRE UP CHIPS!”

Rob Alway

From: Scottville, MI Plays: Trumpet
Rob Alway I was "drafted" into the Clown Band in 1986 by "Big George" Wilson. At the time I was 15 and my brother played trombone. Wilson told my mother that I would be joining the band the next year. I am a Life Member of the band and serve as Treasurer. In the real world, I am a professional photographer/writer and live in Scottville.

Troy Baker

From: Jenison, MI Plays: Sax
Troy Baker I joined the Scottville Clown Band to play sax in 2007 at the invitation of my brother-in-law, Keith, who plays Trumpet in the band. The costume comes from my kids. They thought it would be cool if I dressed as an Oompa Loompa. My favorite part of the band is watching people who see us for the first time. When I am not pretending to be an escapee from the chocolate factory, I can be found with my wife and kids in the Grand Rapids area, where we live, and where I work in the TV News business. We live in Wyoming, MI.

Rob Bass

From: Sumner, MI Plays: Tuba
Rob Bass I live in Sumner, MI. I been a Self Employed Carpenter since 1973. I worked in 1980 Lake Placid NY Winter Olympics building project. I was employed as an Instrumental Band teacher at Great Lakes Academy, Morey Charter Public School in Central Michigan for 9 years. My degree is sharing musical knowledge and encouraging others to join Community Bands. I have six children and three grandchildren. I've helped them learn how to play band instruments and learn to love music through my dedication and support in playing in the local Community Bands. I enjoy playing music and occasionally have been asked to conduct in the bands. I play Euphonium, Tuba, Electric Bass and Guitar in the Central Michigan Area Concert Community Band, Ionia Community Band, Caravan Circus Pick-up Band, Scottville Clown Band, Greenville Danish Band and the Blue Lake Adult International Band. I've toured in Europe, Germany, Belgium, France, and Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen Denmark. I also conduct my own ensemble groups called The Celtic Harmonies and “The De-Composer’s Band”.

Nelson Buckley

From: Williamston, MI Plays: Trumpet
Nelson Buckley My name is Nelson Buckley I’ve been with the Scottville Clown Band since 1997. I am a 2nd generation and current life member of the Scottville Clown Band. I grew up watching my father perform in the Scottville Clown Band, listening to “Basin Street Blues” summer after summer until I was old enough to join the band. Music has been an integral part of my upbringing and has paved the way to many musical opportunities throughout my life. As a youth I traveled overseas with the Michigan Ambassadors of Music, performing with the best of the best high school musicians in Michigan for both instrumental and choral music performance. As an adult I have performed both instrumental and choral music for a variety of audiences both stateside and overseas.

I performed with the SCB through high school and after a brief tour with the U.S. Navy (8 years) I moved back to Michigan to settle, work, and play music with the SCB once again. My favorite part about playing in the SCB is the energy, smiles and laughter the band gets from the crowds we play for; the cities we play in are always welcoming and everyone is happy to see us. Through thousands of miles and millions of smiles I’m proud to be life member of the SCB and look forward to many more years playing for the cities and festivals in and around Michigan. I currently live East of East Lansing and work as an Imaging Service Engineer for a local hospital. I play the French Horn and dress as a sailor. Hopefully, “We’ll see you down the road.” Semper Sitientis.! Go Navy!

Ralph Cerny

From: Traverse City, MI Plays: Piccolo
Ralph Cerny I joined the band in 2005 after retiring from a career in hospital administration, where I spent time in Omaha, Ludington, and Traverse City. I play piccolo (and flute) in the Northwestern Michigan College Community Band and the Grand Traverse UM Alumni Band. My wife and I spend winters in Sarasota, Florida.
The trumpets and trombones in the Clown Band are always complaining that I drown them out.

Bill Clark

From: Scottville, MI Plays: Drum
Bill Clark 22 years ago I ask Big George if they needed anymore drummers and he told me to talk to Emery Marrison and Emery told me to get a drum and join them. So I did.
Actually I have been watching the Clownband every since I was 10 years old. We would center our vacation around the 4th of July, so my Mom could watch the clownband in the parade. I told her that I would play with those clowns someday. She never got a chance to see me play with the band but my Dad did. He also loved the band. I have enjoyed every moment playing with the band and I can’t say enough good things about the band. All the guys are super and we all love making people laugh and playing good music.

Bob Clark

From: Big Rapids, MI Plays: Cornet
Bob Clark

Wayne Clock

From: Muskegon, MI Plays: Clarinet
Wayne Clock Member since 2001

George Cone

From: , Plays: Trombone
George Cone

Tim Deiters

From: Grand Haven, MI Plays: Trumpet
Tim Deiters

Marcus DeRuyter

From: Zeeland, MI Plays: Tuba
Marcus DeRuyter I live in Allendale. I have been a member since 2010. I started playing trumpet and then switched to tuba. I attended Rockford High School. From there I went on to play tuba at Central Michigan University. I've been a member of the Rockford Community Band, I've also played with the Zeeland Community Band, and now...The Scottville Clown Band.

Nate DeWeerd

From: Walker, MI Plays: Trombone
Nate DeWeerd My name is Nate DeWeerd from Ludington. I have been playing Baritone and Trombone with the Band since 1993. I am proud to be part of one of the largest family units in the Band, with my dad, uncle, and two brothers also playing. I have been on Active Duty in the United States Marine Corps since 1998, so I don't get the opportunity to play as much as I would like, but when I do, I always carry the Marine Corps flag, and sing our Hymn with pride during Salute to the Troops. I really enjoy seeing the smiles on the faces of our fans when we come marching down the street, and hope to be doing this for many years to come. Semper Fidelis et Semper Sitentis!!

Sid Disbrow

From: Grand Haven, MI Plays: Trumpet
Sid Disbrow I have lived in Grand Haven for the past fourteen years, having moved from Plymouth, MI after getting married. I am a Chiropractic Physician with specialties in Applied Kinesiolgoy and Sports Biomechanics. My wife, Kathie, is my office manager.
I grew up in Ypsilanti where I began playing trumpet in the fourth grade. I continued on through high school under the baton of Al Townsend who used to play lead trombone for Gene Krupa. I did marching band as well as concert band and Al had us form a Big Band, playing all of the old Big Band favorites.
I went on to play in the band and the orchestra at Hope College. Following college I played in the Plymouth Community Band for twenty five years. At intervals I would also play with the Plymouth Symphony. After moving here I played for two years with the West Michigan Winds. Scottville Clown Band member Ray Wiersma heard me playing in church and told me I should think about joining the Scottville Clown Band. The church lets me practice there as we live in the Old Piano Factory Condominiums and they don’t even seem to mind when I practice Basin Street Blues or Saints in the sanctuary. I haven’t hit them with The Stripper yet…..we’ll see! The “motorcycle babe” costume just kind of evolved after several other outfits. I don’t even own a motorcycle. Alter ego?
I have loved every minute I have played with the band. The roll off marching down the street still gives me a thrill as we swing into Basin Street. What a great group of guys and very talented musicians. I am in awe, at times, how good everybody is. It is a joy and an honor to be part of the group, now, and in many years to come.

Roy Elwell

From: Holland, MI Plays: Trumpet
Roy Elwell I moved here in 1953 to teach school. I saw the Scottville Clown Band for the first time at the Coast Guard Parade. Ever since, my family and I would be anxious for the end of the parade when the SCB would appear. While playing in a local church trumpet trio in 1994, I was invited to go to my first SCB rehearsal and then became a member. I retired from the Grand Haven public schools in 1986 and now live in Holland, MI. The photo above is of me with a couple of fans on a rare rainy Coast Guard parade day.

Jim Fitch

From: Ludington, MI Plays: Trumpet
Jim Fitch I joined the Scottville Clown Band in 1947-48. Ray Schulte encouraged me to join as I was then playing trumpet in high school. Back then, the Band played only 4-6 times a year and seldom numbered more than 12-15 members. I have served several years on the board also as president, v-p, and secretary for a short time. I'm retired from insurance and fruit farming. My wife Carol and I live NW of Scottville and I've lived in Mason County all my life. I also play with the Salt City Dixieland/Jazz Band, the Pentwater Civic Band and the WSCC Concert Band.

Bruce Gates

From: Sheridan, MI Plays: Trombone
Bruce Gates I've been a tuba player since 2000. I facilitate bereavement support groups for hospice, I'm a member of The Montcalm County Suicide Prevention Coalition, and I volunteer at Carson City Hospital. I started clowning in 2004 and specialize in facepainting, creating balloon sculptures and clown magic. Rusty is pictured at the Carriage Festival in Gladwin. My rates are reasonable.

Remington Greiner

From: Ludington, MI Plays: Trombone
Remington Greiner I've lived 2 miles south of Scottville almost my whole life. About 2 years ago I found a good deal on a Duplex foreclosure in Ludington. I remodeled nearly all of it by myself. I currently rent the new apartment above to a friend. I play 6 string bass and 8 string guitar in the WSCC Jazz band. I switch between the two depending on what we need. I also play Bass Trombone in the Clown Band in the summer time. I work for Exit Real Estate of Ludington as a licensed sales person. Anything else you want to know just ask, I am very easy going.

Ryan Heaton

From: Muskegon, MI Plays: Sax
Ryan Heaton I'm a United States Marine that has already served in Iraq and Afghanistan and plan on reenlisting. I play clarinet and soprano sax with the band when I can, however, my job keeps me pretty busy. When I'm on leave I'm in Muskegon.

Terry Hollar

From: Grand Haven, MI Plays: Sax
Terry Hollar I'm Terry Hollar from Grand Haven. I started with the Clown Band in 1982 at the request of my father, Len Hollar (The Stripper). A few years later we were joined by my brother, Tom Making it a family thing. I started playing the singing silver cymbals and bass drum. I am now a life member and play the baritone saxophone.You may also find me singing "God Bless America" and at the end of our concerts, "America the Beautiful." I enjoy watching the crowd light up with happiness when the band comes "marching" by. I'm proud to be affiliated with this bunch of crazy, fun loving, talented musicians and hope that the Big Noise continues for many years.

John Jerry

From: Fenwick, MI Plays: Sax
John Jerry My job keeps me busy in the support of computers, printers and the network at the MSU College of Law. I joined the Scottville Clown Band in 2006 and play alto and bass saxophone. I also play in the Lansing Community College Jazz Ensemble, the Ionia-Maple Valley Community Concert Band and I sit in with some guys playing Dixie & jazz. I also work on the Scottville Clown Band music library and was honored to receive the Scottville Clown Band's Member of the Year in 2008.

Jeff Jullie

From: Grand Haven, MI Plays: Trumpet
Jeff Jullie

Bill Kelley

From: Mt Pleasant, MI Plays: Clarinet
Bill Kelley I joined the Scottville Clown Band in 1997 with support from Barney Barnett and Chuck Kercher.

In the late 1980s my daughter was in the Hasting High School Band. Her band director told her there was a special band coming to town for the Summer Fest celebration, and it was a must-see group. That group was the Scottville Clown Band, and I was impressed with how those guys could play. I told myself that someday I’ve got to join that band.
I played in the Central Michigan University Marching Band, the Post Concert Band in Battle Creek, and am presently a member of the Central Michigan Area Concert Band under the direction of Claude Lemmer, the Suncoast Concert Band in Sarasota, Florida, and the Venice Concert Band in Venice Florida.

I am retired from teaching Chemistry at Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, and currently live in Mt. Pleasant.

Don Klemm

From: Ludington, MI Plays: Drum
Don Klemm I started playing drums in grade school under the direction of C. Howard Hornung, director of Ludington bands.

In 1974 I asked Big George Wilson for his daughter Mary's hand in marriage. When I told him I was a drummer, he said that if I joined the Band I could marry his daughter! I did, we did, and the rest is history.

I am a proud member of the drum section, and have served on the Board for 20 years, including 10 years as President. I am also privileged to be a Life Member of the Band. I enjoy the camaraderie of my clown buddies & the thrill of performing before our thousands of fans.

A life long resident of the Ludington area, I am a retired carpenter. My wife is a retired teacher, and our 2 grandchildren live down the street from us. Life is good in Ludington.

John Koscielniak

From: Grand Haven, MI Plays: Trumpet
John Koscielniak

Don Kvarnberg

From: Chelsea, MI Plays: Trumpet
Don Kvarnberg I was born and raised in North Muskegon and I am a retired engineer from Chrysler Corporation. I play trumpet in the band which I have been a member since 2002. I live in Chelsea, MI, and consequently I'm unable to get to many of the parades and shows. I thoroughly enjoy the comradeship of the band and look forward to playing with them when ever I can. During the winter months I live in Venice, Florida, and play in the North Port Concert Band and in the Sun Coast Wind Ensemble.

Dave Ladd

From: Fruitport, MI Plays: Trombone
Dave Ladd HELLO! My name is David Ladd and I am a Life-Member of the
Scottville CClown Band. I joined the band in 1980 (invited to play by Bob "Pinky" Pinkerton) and my first performance was the strolling show at the Muskegon Mall in May, 1980. I am a member of the fantastic trombone section and one of the "Strippers" (Jim "Tiny" Frost made me do it starting in the early 1980's). Also, I am an occassional Street Leader & MC when the need arises. I truly enjoy every part of the
Scottville Clown Band and respect the history that has made
this band what it is today.

My flapper costume is a second generation reproduction custom-made by a wonderful seamstress in Ludington, Michigan. My initial costume was an original 1930's flapper dress worn by my aunt. Although there have been a few modifications over the years, the flapper dress remains the costume of choice for me!

To sum up a performance, I can only say WOW! There is nothing like the "roll-off" and subsequent blast of "Basin Street Blues" to get the band started in a parade, or the electricity of the crowd at any beer tent and concert venue where the band performs. It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of such a storied and wonderful organization!!!

Paul Levandowski

From: Muskegon, MI Plays: Tuba
Paul Levandowski I am so excited to be playing with the Scottville Clown Band since 2016! I started playing tuba in 8th grade after I pleaded with my band director to let me switch from trumpet. After he agreed, I called my mom to pick me up from school and she asked "why? Can't you take the bus?" I said I can't bring a sousphone home on the bus. The rest is history. I also play with the MSU Alumni Band (1985, 1989-91), Michigan Lions All State Band (1984), University of St Thomas Bands (1995-1998). I currently live in Muskegon with my spouse and our Yorkie "Gizmo.

Jim Lindenau

From: Scottville, MI Plays: Drum
Jim Lindenau My name is Jim Lindenau, I've been in the band since 1973. I grew up in Scottville, Mi. and started the playing in the band at age 12.
I was drafted into the band by Big George Wilson and the godfather of the band, Ray Schulte. The past 14 years I've served as the entertainment committee, board member, VP, and currently am President of the Scottville Clown Band of which I am a life member. After 44 years of the band I still enjoy going to all the different places we play.

Fred Lyons

From: Fenwick, MI Plays: Tuba
Fred Lyons I first played with the Clown Band back in '88 at the Mackinac Island Lilac Festival, although I've jammed with many of these guys since the late sixties. I officially joined the band in the middle '90's and played trumpet for several years. I've been blessed to be able to play a little of this & that, so I try to be flexible and help out in what ever section they might need someone. When I go to a gig, the back of my car looks like I'm a used instrument salesman. You'll usually find some saxes, trombones, tubas, euphoniums, trumpets & cornets, and even an occasional drum or two. When invited, I even conduct on occasion. One year, at the Traverse City Cherry Festival, one of the tuba guys broke the mouthpipe off his tuba, just before parade time. They told him to, "go see Miss Piggy". As luck would have it, there was a sousaphone in the back of the wagon. The Scottville Clown Band is in high demand, and as always, "THE SHOW MUST GO ON

Jon Meeuwenberg

From: Fruitport, MI Plays: Trombone
Jon Meeuwenberg I am currently a math instructor at Muskegon Community College and live in Fruitport. As a student at Grand Valley from 1997 - 2000, I minored in music and was the drum major of the marching band in the fall of '99. When I am not in classroom or playing my trombone I enjoy running, golfing, and travelling. My first appearance with the Clown Band was in 1998.

Dan Meyers

From: Grand Haven, MI Plays: Trumpet
Dan Meyers In 1975 Walt “Skeeter” Listing invited me to come to a SCB rehearsal. My first ‘go’ was in Mackinaw City and have been blessed to play throughout Michigan with the band over these many years. Started playing alto sax at the age of 7 and switched to trumpet a year later, taught by my father, Robert Meyers (a SCB euphonium player) and MSU alum. Went on to solo trumpet at the U of M and currently serve as Director of Music at Muskegon Community College and Conductor/Music Director of the West Michigan Youth Symphony.

Don Miller

From: Manistee, MI Plays: Trumpet
Don Miller My name is Don Miller and I live in Manistee with my wonderful wife of 11 years and 4 beautiful children. I am a xray and ct tech at West Shore Medical Center and am a MHSAA registered basketball official. I have been playing trumpet in the band since July of 2004.

Tom Miller

From: Middleville, MI Plays: Trumpet
Tom Miller 2018 is my second year as a member of the Clown Band. I have been a fan and follower for over 50 years. I was a member of the Wanderer Drum and Bugle Corp in high school, and it seemed like every parade we were in, the Clown Band and Big George were there, from Muskegon, Grand Haven, and Ludington to Baldwin. My Grandfather always said, “If you get a chance, make sure you join them.” Well, now I have.

I have been playing trumpet since 5th grade and there are now four generations of Millers who have played trumpet. I am also a member and board member of the Thornapple Wind Band.

Todd Muha

From: Traverse City, MI Plays: Trumpet
Todd Muha I am a native of Traverse City. I enjoy playing trumpet in the Scottville Clown Band, joining in 1990. I am a Life Member of the Scottville Clown Band. I also play in a local Dixie band in TC. My priorities are God, family and the Scottville Clown Band.

Bob Pinkerton

From: Scottville, MI Plays: Cymbals
Bob Pinkerton

Jim Root

From: West Olive, MI Plays: Sax
Jim Root I'm known as Hogman and live in Holland with my wife Elizabeth and 2 children. I have played tenor saxophone in the Scottville Clown Band since 1995. I also play in 3 other concert/jazz bands. My son Kenneth is also a member of the Scottville Clown Band and plays both sax and percussion. I enjoy making people smile and laugh when we're out on the street, especially the children. I am a faithful Arkansas Razorback fan and love playing my Razorback fight song at the end of the show. Go Hogs!

Bill Schap

From: Spring Lake, MI Plays: Trombone
Bill Schap I am a long time Spring Lake resident who started playing trombone in the fifth grade while at Fruitport Schools. At Michigan Tech, I was a member of their famous pep band and have since played with community bands, including a stint in the Holland Symphony. In 2007, I was recruited by another member who convinced me it’s more fun to be a clown. I made the switch from a penguin suit to a MTU pep band getup and never looked back. On special occasions, I might even throw on a dress! Being a member of the Clown Band allows me to laugh, joke, and spend time with a great bunch of guys, from young to young at heart, who like to share their musical talent with others. Their enthusiasm inspires me to give the crowd an unforgettable performance. It’s always exciting to see the welcoming crowds and be a part of their festival.

Todd Seabert

From: Grand Haven, MI Plays: Trumpet
Todd Seabert Originally from Ohio, I moved to Grand Haven in 1988. I joined the band in the summer of 2009 after enjoying their participation in the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival for many years. Since then, it has been even more fun and rewarding then I ever imagined. Everybody in the band has been great and make you feel like you have always been a part of the group. I look forward to many more years of "clowning around" with the band.

Stu Smith

From: Brethren, MI Plays: Sax/Clarinet
Stu Smith My name is is Stu Smith. I was recruited into the CLOWN BAND by Phil Sirrine (Uncle Phil) in 1983, as an alto sax player, but I've bounced around since then between clarinet, alto sax, and tenor sax, depending on need. I've also bounced around between various classical and jazz organizations. I got my start in Benton Harbor back in the fifties by playing as a sort of utility man for the Twin Cities Musicians Union. Whenever someone needed a horn player, they called the Union, and the Union sent me out. Consequently, I learned to play just about every style of music in existence. I got my BA in Liberal Arts (mathematics & German) at Western Michigan University and my MA+ in German at Michigan State University. I taught one year (German & math) at Olivet College, six years (just German) at Adrian College, and twenty years (German, Algebra, Geometry, Intro to Comparative Languages, etc.) at Brethren High School. After I burned out on high school teaching I spent ten years working as a case manager for mentally ill adults and finally retired at age 70. I especially enjoy watching the crowd watch us in the parades.

Ed Stakenas

From: Free Soil, MI Plays: Sax
Ed Stakenas Ed "Duke" Stakenas. Been in the Band for over 60 years. Tennor sax. Built the business of Stakenas Farms dairy farm located in Free Soil.

Jim Truxton

From: Baldwin, MI Plays: Sax
Jim Truxton

Charlie Weber

From: Ludington, MI Plays: Trombone
Charlie Weber I joined the Band in 1988 as a drummer but have played trombone since 1989. I have served as secretary of the Scottville Clown Band since 2004.

Jerry Wosniewski

From: Manistee, MI Plays: Trumpet
Jerry Wosniewski I play trumpet in the Scottville Clown Band and became a member in 1994.